When to Change Your Oil at Country Hills Hyundai


Regular oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to avoid trouble with your Hyundai car or truck. While most mechanics and service outlets recommend getting an oil change every 3,000 miles, there are some instances in which it’s smarter to bring your car in for an oil change before that number.

At Country Hills Hyundai, we want every driver throughout Calgary, AB to be as safe as possible. If your car is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, you should bring it in for an oil change immediately.

Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

  • A Rough Idle: If you notice that your chassis shakes while the car is idling, it may be caused by dirty oil that leads to friction in the engine.

  • Ticking Startup: A car that ticks when it’s started could be having trouble pushing dirty oil through the engine, resulting in a clicking in the valve train.

  • Rough Accelaration: When oiled properly, your car’s engine should accelerate smoothly. Bad oil can cause your car to jerk from gear to gear, accelerating roughly and causing a rough ride.

  • The Knocking Engine: If your car sounds like a rock in a washing machine, especially at high speeds, then you could have dirty oil in your car.

Trust the Service Technicians at Country Hills Hyundai

When it’s time to service your vehicle, whether you need a regular oil change or replacement parts, you can count on the knowledgeable staff at Country Hills Hyundai.

Our automotive team has years of experience working with Hyundai vehicles and a great reputation throughout Calgary. Service your vehicle at a Hyundai dealership near me today and let us show you why we’re the best in the region.
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