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As a smart Calgary car dealership shopper, you like to get the most value for your dollar. That's why you need protection for your new or used vehicle at a rate that will save you money. The strength of the Hyundai Protection Plan is the depth of protection it offers, providing you with unparalleled piece of mind.

Even with a new or used vehicle, mechanical troubles can arise without warning. You could even end up with thousands of dollars in costly car repairs. Unlike other vehicle protection plans, an extended warranty from Country Hills Hyundai, gives you peace of mind without breaking your budget.

The reality is that the latest advances in automotive technology carry with them higher vehicle repair costs. This is evident by the fact that the cost of repairs has increased dramatically over the past few years. Something as basic as a power window motor costs nearly twice as much as it did just five years ago.

At Country Hills Hyundai we offer a wide array of extended service contracts ranging from basic power train, (covering the major components such as engine, transmission and power train), to a full and comprehensive Premium care coverage warranty blanketing not only major components but electrical and high tech options also. Our warranties not only take out the cost factor but most also cover substitute vehicle transportation while your vehicle is tied up and road side assistance to help out when you've run out of gas, have a flat tire or are just plain stuck on the side of the road.

What's your piece of mind worth? It all comes down to the level of assurance you need to feel comfortable. If you want to look forward to years of worry free driving with more predictable operating costs, then you need to learn more about the Hyundai's extended service plan options.

The greatest benefit of these Protection Plans is the overall comprehensiveness that they offer; providing you with unparalleled piece of mind. It's one less thing to worry about!