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Lease a Vehicle in Calgary, AB

Welcome to Auto Leasing. New or Used, You Choose

At the Country Hills Hyundai Lease Department, you have the freedom of choice. We lease cars, trucks and SUVs of all makes and models of - domestic and foreign - new or late model used car, truck, van and sport utility vehicles available. Our knowledgeable experienced Calgary car leasing professionals will assist you in selecting the exact vehicle you want at a payment that meets your budget.

Professional and Individual Vehicle Leasing. SIMPLE - FAST - EASY

Leasing a car in Calgary has become a popular method of acquiring vehicles for a wide variety of reasons.

  • 100% financing on credit approval, low or no down payment.
  • Pay only for the portion of what you use, not the whole vehicle.
  • In most cases, a lease payment is more affordable than regular bank financing.

Recognizing that every client's vehicle leasing needs are unique, we custom-tailor your specific auto lease around your personal or business wants and needs.

Car, Truck or SUV Leasing - The Increasingly Popular Way to Enjoy Your New Hyundai.

Our Calgary car lease program allows for 24,000 km of driving per year. That's about what the average Canadian drives in a year. If you're a high-use driver and expect to exceed the standard lease's 24,000 km yearly limit, you may find it more economical to buy extra kilometers up front. It's the difference between paying 8¢/km in the beginning and 10¢/km at maturity. And that's yet another way your Hyundai car dealership in Calgary can tailor the lease to meet your needs. Assuming similar vehicles, terms and rates, monthly car lease payments are less than you'd pay if you auto financed the entire new car cost. So with a vehicle lease, you'll probably end up paying less per month than you budgeted for. Suddenly you can afford to move up to a better-equipped, more stylish model. Very simple. Very smart. Or, thanks to lower monthly lease payments, a car, truck or SUV lease can leave you with more pocket money.

Vehicle Leasing that's Easy to Manage and Keep Track of.

With traditional auto financing methods when you're getting a car loan in Calgary, you pay the full tax up front when you buy. Ouch! With a lease, you pay sales taxes on your monthly payments. And you only pay for the duration of your lease term. More money in your pocket. Nice!

You won't have to put up with the hassle of trading or selling the vehicle - ever. Plus, we protect you by assuming the risk if the used car market value of your vehicle if it turns out to be lower than established. Assuming the vehicle is within the kilometre limit set out in the auto lease agreement and has no abnormal wear and tear, you can simply return the leased vehicle to us at lease maturity. No more waiting by the phone, haggling over the price, or getting it certified.