At Country Hills Hyundai's vehicle lease department, you have the freedom of choice. We lease all makes and models of vehicles, domestic and foreign. New or late model used car, truck, van and sport utility vehicles are available. Our knowledgeable, experienced car leasing professionals will assist you in selecting the exact vehicle you want at a payment that meets your budget.

You can lease any models from 1 to 1000+ fleets at our lease department for any clients that are wishing to get any vehicles or trucks.

So what is in-house leasing? Under an in-house leasing arrangement, instead of purchasing cars, the fleet user will lease the cars from another group company. That other company will have purchased the cars, ensuring that, overall, the group will have used its desired acquisition policy.

The following table shows the VAT position of an in-house leasing arrangement compared to that of a normal purchase arrangement:

  Normal Purchase Arrangement In-House Leasing Arrangement
 VAT recovery on purchase of cars No
 50% restriction on lease charges Not applicable
 VAT chargeable on sale of cars No Yes
  • Ability to provide all Commercial Lease Structures
  • Flexible payment plans for seasonal clients
  • Short and Long term options available
  • Preferred interest rates for well qualified clients
  • Turn-key solutions for up-fitting, descaling and custom requirements
  • Controlling Lifecycle costs, remarketing solutions
  • How-tos on implementing the latest "cost saving" and "eco technologies"
  • Because of our history in the Western Canadian market our network of professionals can help you make the most of your fleet budget.