Country Hills Hyundai


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Judy E. - via Survey

All the staff were wonderful especially Jessie. He did an Outstanding JOB! Also, Mo as always is my main reason for being at Hyundai - he is just WONDERFUL at what he does and understands his clients and their needs. As for returning for service I live in Priddis and it is way to far to come but always will come for the warranty work if any......Really enjoyed every aspect of my service experience - THANK YOU!

Steve C. - via Yelp

Stopped in this morning for an oil change. Also picked up a part to replace after work. Service guy asked if they could put it on...for a small fee. This was a wonderful example of personalized service. I will be going back for other service requirements. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Dave K. - via Yelp

Amazing. Nice clean new location with a large lot, large showroom, and friendly staff. Mr Tran in financing went well above and beyond to get the best finance rate possible for us, not only getting finance quotes from multiple banks, but then talking one down 17% interest rate! The whole atmosphere was friendly and did not feel like the shark tank or sleezy place most car dealerships come off as. I cannot recommend this place enough. They set up service times around my schedule, with reminders, did not push any extras simply stated what was available if we would like them. By far the best experience in purchasing a vehicle we have ever had. Neighbor echoed our experience. Oil changes are half the price anywhere else is atm as well.

Gloria Dunne - via e-mail

Serge, I just wanted you to know that I have completed the customer service survey. Your service to us is excellent and we are extremely pleased with our purchase. I enjoy it every day and I am getting used to the wonderful features of our new Hyundai.

We would be happy to refer you to any of our friends, co-workers and neighbors. We have received some very positive comments on how beautiful my new car is.

Thank you once again,
Gloria Dunne

Sandra - via the comment box

I brought my Sante Fe in today to have the A/C fixed. I tried to get into Calgary Hyundai (where we bought the vehicle many years ago), but they couldn't get me in until next week. I put the call out to my friends on Facebook, asking for the name of a good mechanic. A friend suggested I try you guys. You got me in right away for an appointment. Yay! The service was awesome. Yay! Francis and Wilson were so friendly as they drove me home then picked me up so I could get my vehicle. Yay! The fix was an easy fix and cost me less than $200. Yay! My experience from start to finish was an awesome one. Now, here's the "Yay" for you: my vehicle is 10 years old, and we are thinking of buying a new Sante Fe within 6 months. We won't be going back to Calgary Hyundai, but will be coming to see you at CH Hyundai instead!! As well, we have a son who started driving this year, so we will probably be looking for a used vehicle for him in the next year. So, what may look to you as just a $200 service repair, has turned into future repeat business. Good on ya, and keep up the GREAT work!!! Thanks, Sandra

Stephanie G. - via Yelp

Hi There, I don't usually review a business, however, I felt compelled to make a comment about Country Hills Hyundai. I went in for a recall and a slight concern about a odd noise from my Santa Fe to the new dealer in town. (I have been dissatisfied with the dealer I had been dealing with) I called and booked an appointment with ease. Upon my arrival at the dealership (which the facility is amazing by the way) I was met by a very charming, and very professional service advisor by the name of Rich. He was very courteous (and cute), took the time to understand my complaint, and went above and beyond to ensure I was understood, and assured me my repair was something that would be covered under my warranty, no hassle, no interrogation, he just knew what I was talking about and was very forthcoming as to the fact that the repair was not necessarily a common problem, but something that he knew about and was sure it could be fixed in a timely matter. After the mechanic confirmed what Rich had suspected, He called me and told me that indeed it was the fault he thought it was, however, the part had to be flown in. Rich told me hat they would need the car overnight, but instead of trying to arrange shuttle rides over the next day and a bit, I was offered a courtesy car to get me on my way and had my car fixed the following day.. Awesome Service, Awesome Care and very handsome service staff..... If I didn't notice the ring TATTOOED on his finger I would have asked this fine Gent out 🙂 .... If this is the type of service offered on a daily basis by Country Hills Hyundai, They will do awesome!! Way To Go Country Hills Hyundai & Way To Go Rich 🙂 🙂 ...I will definitely be back !!!

Alastair Linds - via Facebook

I consider myself lucky for getting the groupon for an oil change and coming to this location. Everything they did was nothing short of amazing. I was welcomed warmly, they brought me in told me everything they were going to do complete with tire alignment check and other inspections. The whole process couldn't have taken more than 20 min. They informed me of a couple things I should consider with my car, but charged nothing. In the end I was sent on my merry way with nothing but high praise for everyone here.

Thank you, I have never been so satisfied.

Alix Lovejoy Scarcella - via Facebook

I would recommend this dealership to all my friends!! Best service I have ever recieved at any dealership! It was a simple oil change (from Groupon) yet I felt like I was high priority. I was acknowledged the minute I pulled my car up, waited a very short time and was immediately taken care of. The service department was extremely friendly, efficient and on the ball. The bay was extremely clean and staff was proffessional and helpful. I have never felt so comfortable leaving my car anywhere! After my oil change was finished they thoroughly went through everything that needed to be done, but didn't push me into anything. For this reason I will gladly be taking my car back for any and all services I require. Thank you for the most pleasant experience Country Hills Hyundai!